Sunday, February 5, 2012


These are my teeth that fell out last week. Sometimes I swallow my teeth accidentally when they are loose but these fell on the ground.
What happens to your teeth when they fall out?

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MvdS said...

Hello Coco
That is so exciting that you are loosing your teeth. Now you will get big dog teeth!
Do you swallow your teeth when you sleep?
We are wondering if it hurts?
We put our teeth under our pillow for the tooth-fairy.
Hugs from Ms van der Spuy & Room 4, Broadlands

Ms. L and Division 16 said...

Hello Coco, do you write the tooth fairy when you lose your teeth Coco? If so does the tooth fairy write you back? Here in Surrey, BC, Canada when I lost my teeth the tooth fairy leaves me a note or a present under my pillow while I sleep. Once I lost a tooth when I was in Disneyland and the tooth fairy came all the way to Disneyland to find me and my tooth. That was pretty cool. From Trista, in Division 16, Surrey, BC Canada

Coco the School Dog said...

Hi Trista
I didn't write to the tooth fairy but I left my tooth under my pillow and when I woke up the tooth was still there and a pile of cat biscuits. I love cat biscuits. My friends at school tell me that they get money if they leave their tooth under their pillow. I think cat biscuits are better.

Coco the School Dog said...

Hi Room 4
I swallow them when I am awake and it doesn't really hurt it just feels funny.

Eddie Storms said...

I haven't swallowed a fallout tooth since I was about 3. My brother did though, while he was sleeping. BTW, those teeth look pretty strong. I hope it wasn't too painful.

Eddie Storms

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