Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No School Today

I had to visit VETPlus to have minor surgery. I was a little bit nervous when I went there but when I got picked up at the end of the day I was very happy. The treated me like I was a very special dog and made sure I was happy.

I was wagging my tail when I got picked up. I didn't want to leave because I could smell yummy chewy bones in a big bucket by the door and my favorite food Eukanuba.

I can't wait to go back to school to see the kids. I miss them very much. I could hear them on the phone, when my nurse phoned them up to say I was awake and ready to go home. They were very excited that I was ok.

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Ms. L and Division 16 said...

Hi Coco, are you feeling better? Were you able to watch your surgery or did they make you sleep through it? Are you okay. We hope you heal up quickly. From Division 16, Grade One in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Coco the School Dog said...

Hi Ms L and Division 16
I am feeling much better now. I slept through the whole surgery. They shaved off a nice square of fur and used a needle to give me medicine to help me sleep and get better. It didn't hurt a bit. I am not allowed to go swimming until Friday when I get my stitches out.
When I go back to school the students are going to help me write about my puppy training. It is hard work for me and I hope I pass the training so I become a really well behaved dog.

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