Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am Growing Up!

These photos are of me waiting for my friend Mrs Allen to pick me up for school. I found them on my owners phone, the date is 21/11/11.
I am 6 kilos heavier and have nearly grown out of my bed!

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Ms. L and Division 16 said...

Hi Coco, we are grade one students from Surrey, BC, Canada. We think you are cute. Do you go to school every day? Are you learning how to read and write like we are? From Division 16

Coco the School Dog said...

Hi Division 16
I have been going to school everyday and the children are very kind to me. I can read hand signals but not words. My friends at school like to read to me when I am tired. I can't write but I love hearing the stories the students write.

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